But I’ve been pretty silent.  Let’s be honest.

I’ve had a few major upheavals and those do not make perky blog posts.  I lost my once-in-a-lifetime girl of nearly seventeen years in the middle of a 2400 mile move.  It’s been a little crazy/depressing.

And I don’t have a lot to say, other than love your life. The one you have right now. The slightly-less-than-ideal one you’re in the middle of. With the ripe laundry and the carpet stains and the dog who throws up in the middle of the ndoraight.  Never take a moment of this crazy ride for granted because who knows how many spins around the sun that are granted to each of us.

It’s good to be back in the Pacific NW.  I miss some of my friends from the midwest something terrible. I won’t lie.  But this place is home – plain and simple.

I’ll be back. More perky. Less maudlin.  But for now … raise a teary and sappy glass to Dora.  The best friend I could have ever hoped to have. I hope I gave you a happy life because you sure gave your best while you were here, old girl.

Psst. I’m totally getting a tattoo of her on my arm next month. My kids and husband are not on board for this.  Stay tuned…



Life’s been weird/sad.

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