Getting Ready for Billy the Kid

One of the things I do for book releases is making these little soaps to hand out along with a bookmark. I love to hear how readers have used the soaps. Not just for washing, son. Some have been used as decoration or to scent an underwear drawer. It’s nice to be a part of readers lives (and drawers).

I’ve given them out as prizes, at book signings, at conferences. Now that we’re on my third book, I’m tallying up how much soap I’ve given out and holey moley. I just passed the ‘Fifty Pounds of Soap’ mark. (Sounds like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ but way, way cleaner. And less lucrative.)

I’ve had fun fitting the scent, color and shape to the book. For ‘Not Quite Darcy’ there were raspberry scented, pink Victorian hearts. For ‘Angel of the Somme’ I made blue colored soaps with an angel’s face that smelled like the herb garden in my fictional hospital’s back yard.

bookmarkbillyThe burning question is — what smells like Billy the Kid?

I was going to go with sage, but common sense won out. (Who wants to smell like sage?) I went with peach. Why? Because my book opens with Billy strolling through a peach orchard in Fort Sumner, New Mexico – unknowingly walking toward his final showdown with Pat Garrett. Just exactly like what happened in real life. Peaches might seem like an odd choice – they don’t quite fit with Billy the Kid, but I’ve found the Kid to be such a character and he never quite fits my preconceived idea of who an ‘outlaw’ should be.In that way, I think peach scented soap is the perfect choice for him.

And he’d be delighted to know that ‘his’ soap might be hanging out in someone’s underwear drawer.

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  1. J.T. February 11, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Great idea! And Billy spent, probably, one of his last moments among the trees of a peach orchard. Greetings from Finland!

    • terrimeeker February 11, 2017 at 7:06 am

      Hei to Finland! I was thrilled to read your comment. I see you know a lot about Billy if you know about the peach orchard :) Thanks for stopping to leave a comment. You made my morning.

  2. Louise March 7, 2017 at 10:51 am

    That’s a lovely idea. I will ask for your book in my library. I lived in Lincoln for a year in the mid ’80s, my parents thought I was going to au-pair in Florida but no, I got off the plane in Miami and got straight on another to New Mexico. I went to all Billy’s haunts, the good folk there loved that I was English, pale skinned and blue-eyed, they would joke it was like Tunstall was in town again, I would always be wondering if I could go back in time what Billy would think of a young English girl working in his local shop, I like to think he would have been kindly to me. Good luck.

    • terrimeeker March 7, 2017 at 11:53 am

      How wonderful, Louise! You made me smile so much! I adore the idea that you did this. Please send me an email at I’ll email you a digital copy of the Billy book for free. Just tell me if you’d like epub, mobi or pdf!

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