Did you ever want to read a book review by the person who had that book dedicated to them? Then it is your LUCKY DAY, Sunshine! The following review was written by Elizabeth Perry, the woman you see modeling the latest in ‘Supernatural’ kitchen fashion.

The premise of “The Madhouse in Manhattan,” and really all of Terri’s In Time series, is that some things are just destined to be. Two men recruit modern day misfits for the overwhelming task of making the course of history run smoothly.

Fictional time travel provides a respite from our inconsistent, chaotic present. Terri casts Nellie Bly as our heroine, who’s on the verge of writing a groundbreaking expose on the conditions in a horrifying mental institution. Nellie is taken out of her time period before she can finish her story and brought to the present.

Her absence causes our time to completely devolve.

Anyone with current knowledge of our prison system and its treatment of the mentally ill knows that as a society, we still have problems coping with people afflicted by mental illness. Nellie didn’t end the problem, just like her contributions to journalism, though considerable, were not entirely unique. There were many incredible, female journalists at the time risking their lives to investigate inequity.

Even if we didn’t have the bravery and tenacity of a Nellie Bly, we still had the bravery and the tenacity of Ida B. Wells. That’s true, but it’s also not the point.

In Terri’s hands, Nellie Bly is more than an individual. She’s everything that her accomplishments represent—courage, truthfulness, self-sacrifice and a commitment to showing the humanity of people deemed worthless by society at large.

Terri shoots a bright line to guide her hero through. In the real world, there are no guarantees, but in Terri’s universe, love is always there to guide the truth back home.

The real Nellie Bly didn’t need someone to rescue her. She walked into a madhouse with no certainty, only conviction. The real Nellie didn’t need a hero, but we do. The idea that the truth matters and power needs to be held to account is more vital now than ever.

Terri delves into the past to give us a story about our time that we need to hear.

The Madhouse in Manhattan – A Review

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