Dancing with Billy the Kid – 2nd Edition has a new cover!

Meeker makes Billy come alive, and uses quotes from historical sources to back up her characterization. The love story is a delicious slow burn, and I loved the ending.
CrabbyPatty on Goodreads

Aspiring history professor Bonnie Borle is offered the key to her success, but the price is steep. She must go back to 1881 to mend a tear in Billy the Kid’s timeline.

Once there, she can’t resist tweaking a few events surrounding the Kid’s final days. When her tampering proves disastrous, she and Billy must race across New Mexico territory, pursued by Sheriff Garrett, a posse and the possible end of the world.

Billy’s seen a lot in his young life, but he’s never met anyone like Bonnie—quick mind and an ability to curse that turned it into an art form. The strange do-hickies in her futuristic purse would put any Jules Verne novel to shame and they come in handy when trying to put the posse off their trail. Trouble is, they also tell a tale about Billy himself, which is more than a little unsettling. And no matter how hard they ride, the future has a way of outwitting them at every turn.

Although fictional, each chapter begins with a quote by or about Billy and the author made every effort to be as factual as possible. Except for that whole time traveling thing.


An interesting read packed full of surprises right to the very end. I will be reading it again, because Dancing with Billy the Kid is one of those books that I know I will find little gems to make a new story every time I read it.
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