Angel of the Somme

There’s a fine line between courage and insanity … and he hurls himself over it.


Captain Sam Dwight never thought his pre-war vow to “make a difference for good in the world” would come back to haunt him. After suffering a grievous head wound in battle, he awakens in a field hospital, barely able to utter a word.

How fast would his beautiful, determined nurse call for a straitjacket if she knew that every time a bright light flickers in his eyes, he is transported back to the trenches, reaching out to heal a wounded soldier in a flash of dazzling light?

Lily Curtis has seen many a soldier racked with guilt, but she’s never seen one will himself to induce life-threatening seizures. She fears that next time, her hands won’t be quick enough to save her handsome, apparently suicidal charge.

As rumors of an ethereal battlefield specter reach the ward, Sam becomes convinced that his front line mercy missions are real. But with each trip, he spins the roulette wheel with his own life while Lily’s love and the lives of those at the hospital hang in the balance.

There is something massively alluring about the tortured wartime soldier and the beautiful nurse.  There is a massive twist on this trope, as Sam is ghost walking back through the trenches to save soldiers. Sam has no idea what is happening through his seizures as he leaves his injured body to return to the battlefield and that is part of the mystery of the novel.


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