AngelOfTheSommeIt’s launch day for ANGEL OF THE SOMME! It’s been a long, long time coming. I’ve been fascinated with this war since I was a teenager. There was something so epic about the whole world coming together for the first time – to kill each other. The clouds of poison gass wafting over the trenches, zepplins bobbing along in the sky, and the creation of ‘shell shock’ for the poor men who had to endure it.

As horrible as the war was, I wanted to write a novel about hope in the midst of suffering. Searching for that spark – no matter how dark the times – is what gives us our humanity. And so I wrote a tale of Sam and Lily (and, kind of Gordy too, because Gordy is just insistent like that!)

The story is set in a base hospital in France just after the Battle of the Somme. It was a long while getting here and though I spent hours doing medical research, so far the readers say I don’t put in a ‘bunch of boring medical stuff’. So three cheers for that! Hope you’ll check it out!  

Angel of the Somme Launches Today

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