I have a real weakness for predictive text. When my son used to find me in tears, he’s ask if something bad happened or if I’d been reading “Damn You Auto Correct” again. So this level of surreal sexiness is what happened when I loaded “Not Quite Darcy” into botnik.


Eliza began researching towns in Yorkshire. She started rooting with one hand.

William had followed through the gap of the library doorknob. He was staying later and later at the club. When Eliza was finally able to stretch out in her chair that looked so appealing to any number of fiends, she began researching about horses.

“Why did you feel today, William?” she asked.

William blinked with his eyes still closed and she was delighted to see his drunken grin. He inhaled sharply and signaled that she could quickly identify him with an ear.

Eliza could only guess at his desk in the Victorian manner from which he began to prepare. “What are you feeling?” she asked.

William nervously tugged at his hair. “I was just unfamiliar with Dora. “ He leaned down, then she was jarred backwards with a whoosh.

Dora shouted cheerfully to say nothing. “I should go to be mortified,” she said. She stepped lightly into the darkness.

Alone with Eliza, William took another swig of whiskey and met her gaze. He moved toward her lips with his tongue. “Do you think that i know you well?”

William nervously fingered the edge of the clock gears. Sweet god. He didn’t know why she looked like a mortician. With a wince he held his battered hands and sank back against the pillow.

Eliza remained silent. She began to gently stroke the side of her breast.

“Would you like some help?” he said

Eliza gnawed a chewy lambike substance. She was haunting him. She turned to see him gulp. “I do.“

William bent down and kissed his mother’s door.

Eliza nodded politely. “Your mother is quite fine.“

“My education about you will undoubtedly be a bit of a second. “ He took a rather spectacular blanket and his eyes remained trained on the doorknob.

His mother was so ill and she was already asleep. Eliza raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “Can you tell me?”

William stared stupidly at his knuckles.

Eliza nodded. “Your mother is a remarkable girl for the umpteenth time.” She moved closer, mumbling something noncommittal.

He took a moment and she pointed at his tweed waistcoat. “This is especially important.”

He smiled mischievously. “I want you.”

Eliza began to wriggle a little at this. She knew enough to calm her mind. She reached out to take his hand under her chin when William took her arm and looked mournful. “Will you be alright if I leave you?”

Eliza huffed.

“I was just trying to reign in my personal region,” he said.

“I want you.” Eliza knew her mind. “Do you wish for this?”

William bent down and kissed her arm with his face. His expression changed to one of sadness. “You have a sweet smile and a small figure.”

She felt overwhelmed by failure and looked directly at his hair. It was strangely endearing. “Would you like some distance?”

He laughed.

She could recognize these thoughts and feelings. She began touching his lips with her hair. He smiled briefly at her.

“Will you give me a shot?” she asked.

William’s eyes were trained firmly on the floor and he couldn’t find the right thing to say.

“You have to understand, William. You just have no choice but to acquiesce.”

He had tried valiantly to say something that resembled a gentleman. His unruly hair had fallen into his eyes again. Eliza simply met his gaze steadily. “We should feel so wonderful,” she said.

William blinked. He would not imagine her in his arms. Casually, he took his gaze away.

“I shall persist,” she thought.

Eliza opened her lips slightly and began touching his hair. It twinkled faintly and looked like some unpleasantness. She sighed and began to deliver kisses to his crotch.

William nervously tugged at his tweed with his fingertips. His expression was almost desperate. His breaths were growing tight as she knelt before him.

“Eliza.” He shook his head to one side. She had grown so accustomed to his crotch and he was beginning to find it extremely uncomfortable to not know why.

“I thought you would choose to utilize gloves,” she said.

William was absolutely radiant. “I am convinced that you possess tremendous courage.” He looked around the room and looked for his gloves. They were not present. “Could you manage to use the powers of poetry?”

Eliza nodded. “Your chin is quite fine. I do love your lips. When you speak with me I believe you can get closer. ”

William blinked.

“Was this a good poem?” she asked.

William had to wonder how much she knew of poetry and began touching the fabric of his waistcoat. “This was something different,” he said. She was so involved in his trousers and his cock was feeling very large. Maybe she could scare up something to relieve him.

“Would you like some help?” he asked.

Eliza was feeling with her hands. He moved closer. His left hand began to unbutton her back. When he saw her eyes gazing at his face, William could not resist. He took her lips in a gentle kiss. Her lips moved against him.

“Sweet god,” his voice shouted cheerfully.

She wasn’t the most remarkable woman that he knew, but she knew one thing. She knew what he deserved. And he tugged at her with such sexuality.

“I am a dreadful poet,” Eliza said. “And i have feelings about cows.”

William was determined to give her props. “I like your poem and I believe cows can do anything.”

Eliza sprang about. He liked her mind! “You have no idea how happy this makes me! I want you, William. If you want to do it standing up, then we can get busy.”

He stepped toward her. His trousers were quite exhausted.

“Can you feel this? He grabbed her arm and then swung his legs up onto the table.

She knew he would never consider fisticuffs but he might consider giving her head. She smiled. “I do love you.”

“I should like to touch you,” he said.

She politely took his face and began nibbling on his bare ears. William chuckled. His unruly cock was just about twitching. If they did it, he would be coming soon.

He knew he had no defense for her lips. This glorious deal with her must be quite miraculous. He held his cock and underwear.

She looked at this and then smiled. “It seems more than ready,” she said.

William could not think.

Eliza began touching it lightly. William stared at her with such fantastic bliss.

When he gave her a strange smile, she knew enough to find words. “Another poem,” she said. “Even in the dim light of the gas lamp on the desk, my fingers worked at this dance. I am experiencing you and am convinced that you possess the powers of a schoolgirl. ”

William shouted something about horses.

She saw that he was actually longer than usual. “Are you feeling unwell?” ”

William smiled. “That was frankly appealing.”

They laughed and pulled away from their usual duties.

-The End-






A sexy scene from “Not Quite Darcy” as written by predictive text

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